Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bob Dylan

OK, quick random rant this morning. My husband took the camera to camp, so I have no photos, but here goes:
1. Bob Dylan is releasing a Christmas album, the proceeds of which will go to charity. Great.
a. Can you imagine his voice wheezing "Drummer Boy"? I really like his music - a taste I must enjoy on the sly when my husband is not around - and I think he's a genius. But I don't think I will be able to hear him singing "Here Comes Santa Claus" without laughing.
b. The statement they wrote for him to announce the release sounds so unlike him, it's comical! They should have had him do his own. Even if totally unrecognizable as a plug for the group the album will benefit, it would have been BOB DYLAN, and people would have tried to figure out what on earth he was talking about!

2. Bob is working on a deal to be the voice on a car GPS. Can you imagine hearing that voice for hours on end on a road trip? Wouldn't you wonder if he would get you lost on purpose to help you come to an epiphany of some sort? And, what if he was being ironic, and when he said "Go straight" he meant "Do a u-turn to save yourself from the giant cliff ahead of you"?

For me, music is all about the lyrics, and Bob Dylan is a master. He shouldn't waste his time on songs with lyrics like, "We'll sing a love song as we go along, walking in a winter wonderland."

Come on.

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