Sunday, August 23, 2009

Burda !!!!!

Yesterday I went to Vogue Fabrics, and checked at a magazine store up there for Burda, since Amazon said I wouldn't be getting my Burda subscription until October 1st. Well, they do carry it up there, but hadn't gotten the latest edition yet. Sadly, I went to Vogue, bought some fabric, and came home. At home, this was waiting in my mailbox:

Woooo Hoooo!
I scoured it for ideas, and decided to make this skirt in a dark denim, without the pockets. I traced it, added seam allowances, and cut out the fabric around 10 p.m. last night. (Fingers crossed that I traced the right size...)

I also want to make this jacket.
It is August in Chicago, and we should be sweltering in 100+ heat and 90 % humidity, but it's in the 60's and I'm wearing wool slippers and a long sleeved shirt! Hence the fascination with jacket patterns, I guess.

I also had to show this:

I love how non-English speakers can make their English perfectly correct, but somehow wrong. It cracked me up!

So.... Burda, thanks for coming! I look forward to all of your issues and I plan on making a "suitable outfit for a pleasant evening" very soon!

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