Monday, October 12, 2009

New Skirt

I made this skirt a few weeks ago, and it was too big.
Way too big. It is from the September 2009 BWOF (the number is 131, and I originally made the size 42.) I don't really approve of big pockets on my skirts, so I left them out. Without pockets and belt loops, this was a really easy skirt to make.
But I seem to have the problem of always making my skirts too large, and this time there was some drama involved. I decided to wear it on a Sunday to Church, and discovered about half an hour before we had to leave that it was not going to stay up. So, being the determined woman that I am, I got out a needle and thread and made the darts bigger, opened the waistband, and did a major taking in operation. I took in about 2 inches total in the darts and went off to Church. It kind of developed that "home made look" through the whole process. I like my clothes to look like someone skilled and highly paid made them, not a frantic mother-of-two trying to get out the door.
So, since I finished that jacket, I once again whipped out my trusty seam ripper and got down to business. Here is what the inside looked like before:
Once I ripped it apart, I took in 1/2 inch on each seam, for 2 inches total, serged the seams, re-hemmed it, and put the whole thing together again.

Here is the final result:
Now I am off to help cook for about 500 people because a friend of mine is getting married today. This has been a very busy October.

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