Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bushnell Living Part I

Here is a list of things that make me happy in Bushnell:

First, there is the view. We have our cabins right next to a lake surrounded by trees, and we love hearing the birds all day long.

Secondly, there is the way that the honeysuckle I planted two years ago has begun to take over everything. The flowers on it are very sweetly scented, and although the deer around here eat it mercilessly (along with all of my hostas...), it keeps on going strong.

Lastly, this is the view out the screen door of our bedroom. Holding the door open are my favorite rubber boots ( just great for muddy years like this one!) and the view out the door is wonderful. But most of all, the breeze we get when this door is open means we have very little use for our air conditioner. With two kids running in and out, this means I don't have to spend all day yelling, "Shut the door!" and can concentrate on the finer things in life, like baking cookies. Molasses cookies. Mmmmm.

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