Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bushnell Living Part II

Here is what I love about having my family in Bushnell:

The boys get to do all of the messy, dirty things out there that we can't do in Chicago, like get hugely muddy. A couple of years ago, we were in Bushnell and I heard a lot of bickering so I went outside to find that my youngest son was lying spread-eagled on a huge pile of dirt in our front yard. I asked them what was wrong and they both yelled angrily, "This is my dirt!" Dirt is a rare commodity in concrete-covered Chicago, and they didn't want to share the precious stuff.
Aaaah, the riches of dirt. Aren't they cute with their "tough guy" faces on?

Next, we have the boys catching a frog. This has been a big year for frogs, with all of the flooding, and the boys catch frogs and feed them flies. (The day this was taken, we had ethereal lighting, thanks to a lot of misty clouds which made the sunlight especially orange.) Notice the head lamp on my youngest son. We tend to be a gadget family.

These last photos sum it all up. We can relax as a family. Here is my oldest son doing the hula hoop and later balancing some stuff on his head. At home it is easy to be too busy to do this type of slow- paced nothingness. But when we do, we find that it is just what we needed. Batteries recharged, we can get back to our "normal" life with a lot more energy.

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