Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is the wallet I made yesterday. It was really easy, and I might make some more soon.
I played around with some paper and all of the various cards, etc., that I stuff into my wallet, and came up with two pieces that looked like this:

Then I cut the pieces out of leather, topstitched the edges, and sewed the bottom seam, where the back piece connects to the front:
Then I sewed up the sides:
I used thick nylon thread. I don't know how to finish the thread ends. I have read that you shouldn't reverse to finish when you are working with leather because all of the holes from stitching can weaken the leather. So, I left long ends and tied knots. I may try some glue. I have since looked at leather items more closely, and noticed that everyone else seems to reverse to finish a seam, so I might bow to peer pressure and give it a try on my next project.
Here's the final product, with both pockets visible:
It fits well in my back pocket, and is the perfect size for me. I love quick and easy projects!