Monday, May 18, 2009

Anniversary Trip

This weekend my husband and I went to central Illinois for our anniversary.

There was extensive flooding in the area, and we had to do the tourist thing and take lots of pictures of it.
I also got reacquainted with my old Elna sewing machine, which sounds like a Mack truck but sews beautifully. Just looking at this machine makes me happy - it is so adorable. It also has lots of feet, though I'm not sure what they do exactly. I made some chair covers, but didn't do tons of sewing.

We did get to several antique stores, which was a lot like our honeymoon. (We'd get up, go to Perkins for a huge breakfast, then hit antique malls until we were too exhausted to shop any more. Aaah, the pre-children shop-'til-you-drop days...)

Anyway, now we're glad to be home and enjoying the kids again. This week, I plan on making yogurt, sewing a new shirt, and baking bread. That's not too much to ask, is it?

Note: Somehow, the "Preview" I see of this and the one actually getting published are not the same. I can't get the words to line up correctly. Aaaargh!

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