Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sewing A New Shirt

I bought this pattern to make a quick and easy shirt for summer. I really liked the one with puffed sleeves and the square neckline, but now that I have the pattern home, I am starting to get cold feet. I cut out the pattern pieces and frankly, you could house a small family in this shirt. It looks huge. Awfully roomy for not being a maternity shirt. So, I'm going to have to adjust this pattern, which is something I hate to do. After those Jalie jeans I just finished, I have become spoiled by being able to cut out a pattern, sew it all up, and wear it.

This is the pattern with the fabric I picked for it, a soft cotton with great colors. I guess I'll have lots of leftover fabric if I take this shirt in as much as I think I'll have to. Hmmmm... We'll see...

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