Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rooster Apron

Well, I did a mock up of the shirt and sure enough, HUGE ! Since I do not need a shirt that could double as a tent, I set that pattern aside, ran to Joann's, and decided to drown my sewing sorrows in a new apron. This is for my cabin, where I'll soon be living for a month as we get ready for a large music festival I work for.

Aprons are great for convincing yourself that you CAN sew, after a demoralizing experience like a tent-shirt. Looking at the pattern now, the model looks cold and grumpy, and I found this shirt at our local thrift store.
Pretty similar, eh? Unique thrift store saves the day again!

Ordinarily, I do not go for animal prints, but this was cute and I figured "Why not?"

I had fun designing the pocket, and I made it cross in the back, which makes it feel very secure.
No slipping apron as I do country cabin-like things: grilling, cooking, building camp fires, making cookies, weeding, hauling water jugs around...

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