Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Kitchen

This is a photo of our old kitchen. We share it with 14 other families. It is about 13 feet by 12 feet, and had a lot of problems. The main problems were lack of counter space and lack of cleanliness. We wanted to redo it, but there are as many definitions of "nice kitchen" as there are families who use the kitchen, and things ground to a halt. Eventually, I got my gumption up and got things moving.

First we ripped everything out, discovering some interesting critters in the process. Let's not linger on this...
Then came time to close the holes and start the beautification process.

A new floor was the biggest and best investment we made. We got this from Tile Outlet and settled on deep red grout. It looks even better in person.

Then we painted, installed much better lighting, put in new stainless steel counters and a new refrigerator and stove. After the photo was taken, we also put in a new range hood.
I helped with the painting and planning, and other people helped when they could, but the lion's share of the work was done by my Canadian neighbor (who only cooks popcorn- go figure). We're hoping to get the backsplash in sometime in January.
Until then, the cookies are rolling in like a Christmas avalanche!
So, maybe I should title my blog "Gen Sews - When She Can."

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