Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oscars Night

Well, it's Oscars night! Every year, I invite twelve to fourteen of my friends and we gather to eat good food, mock the Oscars, and give our opinions on everything from the singing to the dresses at Oscar night. Since most of us are moms, we pretty much haven't seen the movies in the Oscars, unless they are animated, but that's another post.
Each year, I get out my Grandma's china for us to eat our treats off of. I think she would approve.

This year, I made spiced pecans, which I have never had before, and I am hooked.

I had to put them aside so my friends would get some, or I would have wanted to eat them all. The recipe is out of Joy of Cooking, and although it calls for whipped egg whites, which is a bit daunting to me, I pressed on, and now I am set to gain several pounds tonight because they are just that good.
I also made some chocolate covered pretzels.

This is one of those foods that is the perfect combination of white trash and decadence. You can't eat just one. I tried, and it's not possible. You also have to serve chocolate covered pretzels with silver tongs for that Oscars touch.
My friends are bringing some more food, and it promises to be a very fun evening.
And, just so you don't think I have given up on sewing all together, I also went to JoAnn today and came back with the following pile of goodies.

So far the plan is, from left to right, bag, throw pillows, throw pillows, bread towels, and dress. We'll see if I prevail.
The dress may have to go up a size after the party tonight, though!

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