Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Decorating or, What Can Throw Pillows Do For You?

It is a dark and dismal Chicago "spring" day. Yesterday I sewed a little spring-time cheeriness, in the form of new throw pillow covers. I enjoy re-covering my throw pillows, because it makes everything else look different. Don't believe me? Check this out:
Here is my eldest son, doing his daily ration of never-ending homework.
Pretty boring. Not so cheerful. Almost depressing.
Yet, here he is with new throw pillows, and everything changes!
Isn't that better? Don't you feel spring coming around the corner? Don't you feel like you could withstand the next few months of homework? (Maybe that's pushing it too far. Even I don't feel THAT much better...)
Anyway, they are simple envelope pillows, so no buttons or zippers, and they went together really fast. I did the backs in cheap grey canvas and the fronts in some pretty canvas, all from that JoAnn trip from a few days ago.
A little more inspiration for you sewers out there:

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