Sunday, January 24, 2010

Grey * Dress

*That's right, I am spelling it "GREY," not "gray" because I like it better that way. If the residents of the greyest country in the world (Great Britain) spell it that way, who am I to argue?
Well, I finally finished the Burda dress I've been working on. It was a little complicated, but what really slowed me down was being extremely busy all week. In the end, I like the dress, but I am not thrilled with the fit. I would like it to be a little more fitted through the waist, but the layers from the pleats make it bulkier than normal, which makes me afraid that it will start to look quilted and puffy if I cinch it in any.
(My husband took these photos after I wore the dress to Church, hence the wrinkles. We taught Sunday School to about 16 wiggly 3rd-6th graders, so I didn't have the energy to iron it again.)
Enough excuses right?
Here's the dress:

The lesson I have finally learned from this dress is that I will have to put in a zipper on clothing projects a minimum of two times.
In other news, the recipient of the nursing cover-up liked it, and my other friend had her baby (a girl!!! The bird fabric will work!).
Now I am going to drink some coffee and plan my next project.
But maybe I need a nap first...

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