Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nursing Cover Up

My friend has a twin sister who is expecting a baby next month. She wanted a nursing cover up, and so they asked me to make one for her. Her only stipulations were that it be reversible and have lots of turquoise in it. She hasn't found out if she's having a girl or a boy yet, so I wanted to use fabrics that wouldn't be too specific. I found these three fabrics at our local Joanns:
I know that the bird fabric is too girly, but I had to buy it because I have another friend who is expecting, and I want to make her something out of it if she has a girl. All of the fabric is 100% cotton, and I preshrunk it. Here is a photo of the finished cover up folded neatly so you can see how the two fabrics look together:
(The fabrics are a lot more turquoise than they look in the photo.)
I used velcro for the strap instead of two D rings because the D rings tend to slide and let go, and with velcro you can take it off by pulling the velcro apart and sliding the strap off. With the D rings you have to put it on and take it off over your head, which messes up your hair (or the baseball cap covering up your new-mom-too busy-to do-your-hair-style).

Here is the whole thing:

I really liked the polka-dot fabric the best, which has green, turquoise, and dark brown.

Here is the start of my next sewing adventure, dress number 119 from October's Burda:
For Christmas, my sister got me a long roll of 24-inch wide tracing paper, which made tracing the pattern much easier. (She knows what I like!)
I'd like to put a photo of the dress, but it seems that Burda has pulled all of their photos from October last year and on, off of their website.
I have traced, added seam allowances, and cut out the whole pattern, so now it's time for the most nerve-racking part --- CUTTING IT OUT OF THE FABRIC. For some reason, that always feels like the worst part. (Unless there is lots of ripping out seams- Yuck!)

Hopefully the recipient of this cover up will like it, and enjoy it until her little one moves on to real food.

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