Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hat for Mom

I made my mom a scarf about a year ago out of polar fleece. The scarf is not your typical fleece scarf, and I'd like to put up a tutorial on how to make one, but so far my photos of the process end up looking really weird. Fleece doesn't photograph well. Anyway, my mom wanted a hat to match, and I finally came up with this one:
It looks like a fleece cloche, and is very warm. I came up with the pattern on my own, and I think it turned out well.
There are only three pieces, so it went together quickly.
Side view:

Back view:


  1. i can't comment on your wallet post-but wanted to say i love the wallet and the sling!!-and your mom looks cute in her hat-just think of the collage you can make at the end of the year to show off all of your hand sewn items!!!

  2. Thanks for my hat. It is fabulous and I get comments on it and the scarf every time I wear it, which makes me an even greater target for life stories. You are a genius!