Friday, January 8, 2010

Joy's Bag

My friend Joy asked me to make this bag for her. It's Number 104 from Pink Chalk Studio.
I made myself one out of black fabric a while back, and I use it every day for work.
The pattern has two sizes, and I made the small one, which seems big enough for what I use it for. The pattern for the big one is humongous. (You could keep enough food for a family of six in there, and still have room for a trip to Costco.) I really hate how big purses dig into my shoulders after a while, so I prefer small ones. (Also a small purse is good for disguising the fact that you're a mom. Being a mom is great, but who wants to look like a mom?)
She wants a small one too.
Anyway, I decided to keep track on my blog of what all I sew this year, even if it's ugly, not for me, or otherwise not what I want advertised as having been sewn by me.
I think it will be fun to see at the end of 2010 what I've done. (Or maybe I'll just say "OUCH!" and die of shame.)
This is the fabric she wants on the outside:

She wants a pheasant on the front and a dog on the back. Above it you can see the lining fabric, but here's a close up of it:

This is the pocket fabric:

I'm planning to cut it out tonight and possibly sew it tomorrow.
Next up, an awning for a friend of mine, then a fantastic Burda dress I've been wanting to make and REALLY wanting to wear. Not too ambitious for January, right?

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